random thought thursday: what about vitamin f?

1.  why is there no vitamin F or G, or H or I or J for that matter? or is there?  scientists, medical staff and vitamin store employees, please weigh in. 2.  and why does vitamin b get it’s own subcatergories?  b6, b12, probably more than ‘b’eets the eye.  huh? 2.5  here is my officialContinue reading “random thought thursday: what about vitamin f?”

random thought thursday v.1

in an attempt to make some of you smile (all 3 that may read this), i am starting my very first series…random thought thursday. *disclaimer: this may or may not always appear on a thursday…i would like to leave it open to when my mind needs to wander, although hopefully, they will all be at least entertaining…and soContinue reading “random thought thursday v.1”