little green heart

i want LOVE to grow here.
i want UNDERSTANDING to sprout up everywhere.  i want FORGIVENESS to ripen within everyone’s hearts.

i want HUMILITY to take root in all that we speak.  i want HUMOR to multiply, and help with those threatening times of uncertainty, but not at ANYONE’S feelings or cost.  i want RESPECT to bloom forth as if no effort was mustered, as it just organically came about, simple, and easy.  i want hate to perish.  FOREVER.  for every reason that it exists.

and mostly, i just want everyone to CHERISH each other.  As humans, as brothers and sisters in this world.  Regardless of genus, kingdom or phylum.  we are all the same breed, every kind of us.  we are human. ♥


one of my favorite old pictures of you, and your gap-toothed smile…

i am so thankful you were born today, eleven years ago.

i am so thankful that you came into my life, almost 7 years ago.

i am so thankful that you love me.

words, and pictures, and even all the ice cream in the whole wide world that hasn’t even been made yet, cannot explain how happy and blessed i am to be your stepmama.

nothing can compare it.  not even close.  (not even biggby coffee)

i am so thankful that even though we don’t share dna, that you take up all of the cells of my heart, and more. because that means that every time my heart beats, it knows you’re in there. you fill up all the extra spaces that were empty, just by being lovely, stunning, smartypants, athletic, caring, wonderful you.

happy birthday a. reese.

i love you more than you-know-what,