gooey s’mores

i don’t know if it is the perfectly perfect little thumbnail picture that we choose. which statuses we “like”.  who we “follow”. or the idea that somehow beyond the visual pixels and colors and music, that these people, be it a blogger, or fellow “pinner”, or a coworker’s jealous-inducing status updates on facebook, that makeContinue reading “gooey s’mores”

s’more laughter please

(a real scene between my sweet stepdaughter and her friend, and their first sleepover at our house) l:  don’t roast it so close to the flame. you will burn it! a:  but i want it gooey like yours! (sticks giant marshmallow closer to flame). l: (examining a‘s form closely) watch it!…here, let me show you…Continue reading “s’more laughter please”