true devotion, the five hour pie, & cold toes

this is a bit of a random post. but, since it is technically after midnight as i’m typing this, that’s okay – qualify it as a random thought thursday, wouldja?

it’s also okay that i am baking a pie right now, my very first strawberry rhubarb to be exact. my grandma Francek’s recipe. i try to remember my sweet, loving grandma in all the best ways possible. by always being stubborn when i know i’m right, and by trying to make her most delicious homemade foods. we have enjoyed spaghetti pie, i’ve yet to learn about how to really make her bread, and tonight i’m attempting her homemade strawberry rhubarb pie.
it has so far taken me five hours. because i made homemade crust too. and because i shopped twice for the rhubarb, and the checkout dude didn’t know what it was when i bought it. win win. let’s pump some knowledge up in heeeeere.
now, i’m not a baker. but i yearn to bake pies. all kinds of pies. i would love it to be a relaxing, mellowing type of baking.  the flour, the wistful thinking, the apron that is so dear.
ENTER::The Pioneer Woman
she, The Pioneer Woman, is a blogger. big time. has two cookbooks, and a TV show with the Food Network.
me, i am a blogger. little peanuts. have three cookbooks(that i didn’t author), and have a TV, and no cable currently.
we, TOGETHER, will teach me how to stop being such a klutz with dough, crust and meringue (whatever exactly that is).

i’ve already told you about how i cooked 4 lbs. of macaroni noodles while trying to make PW’s homemade mac and cheese. that folks, is CLASSIC babs (me).  right?

but, alas tonight, i was willing to forget said flub of recipe, because i forgot to buy the box of crust to make the pie. oy vey. another CLASSIC babs move.
and, since my toes are about 21 degrees below zero at the moment, when i realized this (it’s only because in Michigan, you can get sunburned one weekend, and worry about your plants dying due to frost TWO weekends later!), i decided that a trip to the store was out of the question. plus, sometimes after a long commute home, i’m lazy.
the true devotion part: i just finished listening to the book True Devotion by Dee Henderson on CD in my car(oh, i hope that’s her name, the CD book thing is in my car and i’m serious – it is LEGITIMATELY freezing outside), not only do i know i earned cool points telling you i am making my dad proud with B.O.CD’s , it made me think of rl.
because, the real reason that i’m up this late mom, is that i needed to use the rhubarb (it spoils kinda quickly), & i love pie, & i love rl.

now that, is true devotion – braving the elements, lack of sleep, and of course tasting it first to make sure i don’t poison him!  and his true devotion to me is cleaning the kitchen mess with no dishwasher.

the end.

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be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

7 thoughts on “true devotion, the five hour pie, & cold toes

  1. We don’t have cable, either. It’s a blessing and a curse, haha! I just got the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook for Mother’s Day and love that there are tons of pictures for each recipe, so you can make sure your meal looks like hers the whole way! (Lord knows, I need that, haha!)

    1. it’s funny, i try to make sure EVERYTHING i’m making from recipe is exactly the same as hers, or the recipe i am following. and, it never turns out perfect! at least i can laugh at myself. i think cooking you can substitute. baking, you can’t. 🙂 good luck with her recipes, they tend to be delicious, and sometimes they take a little longer than they seem like they will. i suggest reading them first to find out if any rising, setting, or something else needs to take more time. 🙂

  2. Babs…I really wish you would have tried out the recipe last weekend. I am so hungry right now and that looks so delish!! 🙂 WAY TO GO…Grams would be so proud! I love the shout out to Dad about the B.O.CD’s! CLASSIC! Love you sis! XOXO

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