bike spokes, fins, & other such things

i asked rl what to do about my blog.  be funnier and lighter he said.  oh, okay.  no pressure.

let’s talk about how i name stuff that is not living, shall we?

so what about all of those pages up top that say “coming soon, and thanks for your support?” you ask?  well, it’s my attempt to connect us folk by our hobbies. enter:  bike spokes, fins, etc.

i love naming stuff. LOVE it.  objects, or especially things that have wheels are my favorite.  🙂  enter: stella.  who i now call veronica:

stella/veronica (she is a dual named lady)

i got the idea for my mailbox paint from a martha stewart magazine article.  and no, i don’t remember which one, and no, in fact i don’t like martha stewart.  i am more of a julia child fan myself. (have you seen julie & julia?  darling!)

the actual blue lady herself came from rl for my bday last year.  i was shocked, & stoked.  yeaaaahhhhhhh maaaaan.  so gnarly.  (btdubs, i LOVED in the ’80’s when people said gnarly, and rad, & let’s not forget RADICAL).  let’s totally catch the next 10 footer…. just joshin’.  but it seemed appropes. (short for appropriate, get with the program, yo).

i still want to get a bike basket, preferrably this one:

basket i love

and, what bike would truly be complete without a bell?

so, with a little coaxing of her paint colors too (if you know that yellow and blue do NOT go together, then we can still be friends) – GO GREEN, she will be ship shape for crusing.  but, i do ride her already.  she’s swell. (like that wave brah!)

and that is one of the bikes that i enjoy riding now & again.  i will show you a little post soon about Chili.  She is rl’s other girlfriend.  no seriously. 🙂

get out there and pedal people!  or should i say to myself…GO!

is this a random post?  yep.

is it thursday?  you betcha!  happy happy my friends!  tomorrow is friday & i’m WAY tubular about it.

bike bell found here    bike basket found here

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be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

6 thoughts on “bike spokes, fins, & other such things

  1. I love naming stuff too. I have had giveaways on my blog before to find new names for everything from my GPS- Gloria Paige Smith, to my beloved green knife Slicearoni ! Your bike or Stella Veronica would be best friends with my bike that looks the same named Lil Red. We have a truck named Big Red so she had to be Lil Red. And our VW bus is named Veronica … ha ! Love it.

    1. Love it! Slicearoni is hilarious! 🙂 And, one ALWAYS needs a Lil and Big Red. Hopefully in the future when I own an old Ford or Chevy truck, she will be Lil or Big Red. 🙂 thanks for the naming support! 🙂

  2. Love the bike in the pic. I’ve got a basket, but not a bell. I’m thinking I ought to get one- I know my daughter gets a kick out of having a bell on her tricycle and it would save my voice when I’m passing people on the greenway.

      1. Ours is a rail-trail, a former train track turned into a paved path for pedestrians, rollerbladers, bicyclists, etc., that connects 15 miles (so far) of our city and suburbs. We live three blocks from ours and love how it connects us to so many different surrounding areas.

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