tomato hope

sometimes i just want you to listen to your kids, and not just nod like you are listening.  (sorry a.r.)
sometimes i want you to put down that cell phone and really tell me how you are.  ( i should listen more)
sometimes i wish we could get a day off of work for a national or better yet international literature day, and truly help those who cannot read, for it is one of life’s greatest gifts.  (this speaks to me on so MANY levels)

anything is possible

sometimes i just want to be a black-nail polished, multiple earring wearing, eyeliner-is-still-on-from-last-night kinda gal, strumming a mean bass guitar. (for reals)

sometimes i want to have an ocd personality, type a, neat, buttoned-up corporate juggernaut attitude. (don’t think this one is gonna happen)

sometimes i want to sell my stuff and move to a commune on acreage in montana or better yet, alaska. (dreamy)

sometimes i just wanna be a hairdresser. (i love how a haircut can change how you carry yourself)

purple passion

sometimes i want to be a marathon runner. (working on this one, small walking steps are already accomplished)

sometimes i want to go back in time and tell my youth which mistakes to make a big deal about, and which to laugh about. (laugh at most)

sometimes i wonder what a cool type of “job” it would be to just have wanderlust and tour the world only trying to spread good, help folks & see critters of afar. (holy dream job right there)

sometimes i just want to wake up a morning person. (uh……)


sometimes i am content to just be. (other times like now, something pushes me to be a better version of me)

sometimes my dreams & goals seem so so far away. (other times, i make them happen)

sometimes i am happy, sometimes wrought with the blues.

sometimes i watch MSU football – go GREEN!, sometimes deep indie movies that make you think.

sometimes i know exactly what i feel, others my tears or laughter explode from within.

sometimes, well, all the time, i want to know that i am an artist, & a writer.  even if it is just for me.  for i feel a freedom when i create that nothing else in this world even touches.  when i create, i am able to be  perfect in my own eyes – which is never the truth any other time.  because there is no judgement or timetable, nor rules.  i am unrestricted.  & it is the oxygen, the fire, the water to my soul.

some-no ALWAYS, i am trying to do this life the way in which i leave no stone unturned, & have no regrets.  even if that means that sometimes, i may just not know how to do that quite yet.

all my wandering love,


Published by beforeverlovely

be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

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