when it looks different than the box

have you ever thought about how puzzle pieces are not square? they aren’t round, they aren’t rectangles. the pieces that make up the puzzle itself. they have swoops and dips, dollops and wiggly bits. they are made whole, then cut to their own whatever-size-final-piece-count-to-be shaken up. the purpose of puzzles is so we can play and solve and figure and relax and rest while putting them together. the joy of a puzzle once solved.

our lives were whole when we entered the world, but maybe it wasn’t a clear picture. just the colors and shapes, kinda like blob art.

and the more we explore, experience, create, play, enjoy, relax: we piece those bits together. more vibrant. more clear.

and those we love help tumble the pieces we need:

sisters, friends, neighbors, children, teachers, lovers, the like.

we have our animals too: spot, and miss hannigan, peter & bear.

we cherish these pieces: the jokes, the time spent together, singing, sporting, acting, lounging just in jammies. a feast of steamy pancakes in a pile, lighting up our mornings.

the puzzle came to be when we did. and we are the luckiest to get to solve it: by fitting the pieces, the colors, the wiggly bits right into place where they show us the story of living.

now the part that’s hard.

when they get torn, or lost, or are un-puzzled completely.

and it hurts so badly, sometimes we forget about the joy of it all together.

this happens to us all, in small and large bits…our puzzles jumble up, a crash – doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

but i think it’s because the story of our each, the precious, glorious puzzles of LIVING are actually individual DIY projects.

we are going to lose precious pieces, we are going to feel shorted pieces, we are going to know which pieces don’t fit and we are stuck with some of them.

but the joy of making our own replacement ones? the memory of the goodness & kindness. of hot cocoa & splashes in the lake. of besting that board or scoring that goal. of movie night, & cheap delicious pizza with our favorite pieces? i think it helps broaden the picture of what we think we can’t live without. the magic of it, the music of it, the living of our puzzle. we can still live a glorious life. even if a few pieces are askew or missing.

and we can cherish the ones that have already finished their puzzles ahead of us.

we won’t forget them. we’ll hang snapshots of their masterpieces on the wall and mantles of our minds’ rooms. remember when, and ooooh this song. this one line of dialog is exactly them, yes. heirloom tools and mugs for tea.

so, instead of worrying about whatever pieces i may be missing or can’t find or want to replace, i’m here (trying my best) to be happy i still can play. can solve, can giggle, can create. i’m leaning into the colors, the overall picture of what i think my Creator meant when i was born. plenty of DIY along the way (as intended).

maybe you’ll try too?

i’m happy you aren’t square, or circle. i’m so pumped that your imperfections show me that mine are okay too. wiggly bits are sometimes the best part, especially when they CLICK….together. isn’t that the best part of a puzzle anyways?

peace & puzzling my friends,


Published by beforeverlovely

be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

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