doing without the stank

what happens when you forget to empty the trash?

the fridge?

the leftovers bag gets leftover in your car?

the stank.  the stank is what happens.


what happens when you leave your dreams un-fulfilled, or at least unruffled in your heart?  do you hear them?  do they decompose inside you?  are they clogging up your brain space because the slow deteoriation of your dreams is getting filled with other more “responsible-keeping-up-with-the-next-doors”  brainwash nonsense?

we are told:  you should be responsible and go to bed at 9. eight hours of sleep.  eight glasses of water. 

*if only there were eight days a week.

you are told:  you should eat green vegetables and only organic. 

*yes, &  i would if i could afford them all the time.

i am told(albeit by myself):  you should attend church – find your religion, and religiously revel in it, and be wise with it. 

*trying, trying, & always trying.

what is lost is this, in being so responsible, in seeking what we are told, in following the band director, instead of your own toe-tapping melody  ::: 

your dreams.  without being told.  to you or to anyone for that matter.

if you had or have a dream that you have left to rot inside,

                            how is that going to smell?

better yet, how is it going to feel? 

without our dreams, we are like the mushy celery and bananas taking up space in our crisper drawers.  and believe me, i have plenty to clean out…just ask alex reese. 

i only have one life… and in it, i will make be forever lovely successful, and i will one day own blue bears farm with rl, & we will make a difference in kids lives, including my little alex. (these are my two biggest dreams).  *probably with a little water, a lot of broccoli (some organic) and mucho faith. like LOTS of faith.  but, as long as i am trying,  at least i won’t be attracting fruit flies.

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be forever lovely, upon all whom you heed, for we together yearn, the peace within that's freed. © Barbara Lynn Lund 2010

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